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                FiberLaser Gantry 龙门式激光切割机

                • FiberLaser Gantry 龙门式激光切割机
                • FiberLaser Gantry 龙门式激光切割机

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                • 产品概述
                • 性能特点
                • 技术参数

                FiberLaser 系列产品是华恒切割系统有限公司采用最新技〖术研发设计的高性能光纤激光切割机。它采用国际先进的高品质光纤激光器,转换效♀率可高达30%且维护与运行成本很低。结合高♀性能的控制系统与高精度的机械结构,能精细切ξ 割加工钢或铜铝等各类材质与厚度的板材与型材,具有高可靠♀性、高切割精度与效率、高性价比的◤优异特点。FiberLaser Gantry 龙门式激光切割机适用于长幅面板材切割,具有较高的工作效率。

                The FiberLaser serious of high-perfomance fiber laser cutting machines are developed by Huaheng cutting systems Co., Ltd with the latest technology. They use the internationally advanced fiber lasers with up to 30%'s conversion efficiency and very low maintenance and operating costs as well. Integrated with fine performance control systems and high-precision mechanical structure, they can finely cut sheets or profile of different thickness and metals, such as steels, copper and aluminum. They are popular by excellent characteristics of high reliability, high cutting accuracy and cost-effective.

                轨距 (mm)                                             Track gauge                     3000    3500   4000   4500   5500   6000  6500
                有效切割宽度 (mm)                                Effective cutting width    2000    2500   3000   3500   4500   5000  5500
                有效切割长度 (mm)                                 Effective cutting length   = 轨长-3000  Track   length-3000
                驱动速度                                                Driving speed   24000mm/min;   50000mm/min   
                激光№发生器功率                                      Power of laser   1 /   1.5 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 Kw

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